Free Toothpaste, Cheap Swim Trunks, and Affordable Wipes–oh my!

When I was growing up, my mom would run home from the store, haul in her bags, and immediately start unloading them: “I got this for 85-cents!” “Can you believe this was 75% off?!” It’s honestly one of the most annoying and endearing things about my mother that she continues to this day–on the phone, without pauses, and sometimes before she asks me how I’m doing. Her thriftiness comes from her past growing up poor in a war-torn country. Even though we always had enough when she moved to the U.S. and had her kids, she still couldn’t stand the idea of paying full price for something.

And folks, neither can I.

That’s why my pretty grumpy day this morning was turned around with the following coupon deal: for $11.47 I got a tube Colgate Optic White toothpaste, Huggies Natural Care wipes, and 2 swim trunks.

Photo Sep 09, 1 34 22 PM

CVS Deal – $4.27 total

This was a deal I learned about using my favorite couponing blog, I like her notation, so I’ll use it below:

Colgate OpticWhite toothpaste, regularly priced at $3.50
– $1 today’s RetailMeNot circular in the Sunday paper (9/9)
– $2.50 off select Colgate toothpaste from CVS coupon kiosk (9/9)
FREE! toothpaste (except tax, which was $0.27 for me)

*Sigh* That feels good, doesn’t it?

However, I will point out that the price posted at my CVS for that toothpaste was actually $4.99. I decided in the aisle (amid my 1.5 year old squealing and pulling mouthwash off the shelves) that $1.50 brand name toothpaste was still worth it. I was surprised when I got to the register that the price was actually $3.50.

The cool thing about CVS is that they provide coupons with receipts. Last week, I got a 40% off one item coupon that I knew would expire today. I’m partial to the Huggies Natural Care wipes, but they are sort of expensive. I figured 40% off was better than nothing. Imagine my surprise when my trip to the CVS coupon kiosk printed off a great baby wipe coupon! (Score!)

Huggies Natural Care Wipes, regularly $8.19
– $2 off $6 any baby wipes from CVS coupon kiosk
– 40% off
$3.99 at register

Photo Sep 09, 1 32 13 PM

Wal-Mart Deal – $3.60 total (probably LOCAL)

While shopping other deals at Wal-Mart, I saw a $3 clearance rack in the men’s section. I don’t know about you, but I am drawn to clothes prices $3 and under like a moth to a flame. So away I went, to investigate. Turns out these swim trunks were supposed to be $3 each, but the red/orange striped one scanned into my Wal-Mart app for a whopping $0.60! My husband never swims, but one day he’ll have to take my kid to the splash pad and we’re supposed to go on a cruise for our family reunion next summer. Clearly, these were a no-brainer purchase!

If you’ve read this far, thank you–I get some sort of sick pleasure out of sharing these types of things with others. I guess I learned it from the best! (thanks, mom!)